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Gemstone Treatments and Care


Jade gemstoneCommonly dyed, heated, occasionally filled with wax for appearance

Normal care

Chalcedony (Quartz) gemstoneUsually dyed or heat-treated to produce different colorsNormal careChrome Diopside gemstoneNoneAvoid chemicals and sudden temperature changes, avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steamerChrysoprase (Chalcedony) gemstoneNoneAvoid chemicals, steam and ultrasonic cleaning



Tourmaline shares the birthstone designation for October with Opal.

It is also the national gemstone of the United States, the ancient Egyptians believed it passed through a rainbow on its journey to earth, and so brought all the colors of the rainbow with it.

If you are not keen on Opals, this is a good alternative with a variety of colors to choose from.



Blue Topaz is the modern birthstone for December along with Turquoise,  but topaz is also associated with November birthdays and comes…


Sapphire, the birthstone for September and a symbol of royalty.  Princess Diana’s engagement ring was a large sapphire, and there are many sapphires to be found in the Crown Jewels and also symbolic jewelry worn by heads of state around the world.  In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens were convinced that blue sapphires gave protection from envy and harm.  The Greeks associated the sapphire with Apollo, the stone was also worn when consulting oracles.


Ruby is the birthstone for July and also associated with the Star Sign of Cancer.

Jewelry set with rubies can be worn to help alleviate feelings of sadness or negative thoughts, and in turn, help promote more feelings of joy and confidence.  Place a ruby under the pillow or wear the stone to bed to aid a restful sleep without bad dreams.

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Peridot the birthstone for August.  The ancient Romans referred to peridot as the “evening emerald” , since at night it can be seen to glow vibrantly even in dim candlelight. Also for this reason peridot was traditionally mined at night since the glow it gives off makes it easier to see.

Peridot has receptive energies, it can be used to dispel negative emotions and sooth the nervous system. It is helpful as a calming sleep aid if worn to bed.

green gemstone here:


Pearls, the birthstone for June and probably the most classic and timeless of gems since they offer an easy elegance and…


Opals are the birthstone for October and are also associated with the Star Sign of Libra. They share this designation…