Sapphire, the birthstone for September and a symbol of royalty.  Princess Diana’s engagement ring was a large sapphire, and there are many sapphires to be found in the Crown Jewels and also symbolic jewelry worn by heads of state around the world.  In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens were convinced that blue sapphires gave protection from envy and harm.  The Greeks associated the sapphire with Apollo, the stone was also worn when consulting oracles.

Sapphire is a receptive stone, and was worn to help stimulate psychic awareness (the third eye), and during meditation to expand wisdom.  Star sapphires are generally believed to have stronger powers. Sapphires do come in other colors such as pink, purple, orange/yellow, but perhaps the prettiest is Padparadscha sapphire which is pinkish orange to orange-pink with a vivid saturation of color.
Crystal Structure



Aluminium oxide



Durability and care

The Sapphire, as with most gemstones, gains value depending on its size, color, and clarity, much of which is determined by the skill of the stone cutter.

Sapphires are also good durable stones for everyday wear much the same as rubies and will not scratch or crack as easily as can some other colored gemstones, it rates a 9 on the Moh’s scale, with diamond being the hardest at 10.

To clean sapphires wash in a warm soapy water and use a soft cloth to dry.

Padparadascha Sapphire

Take for example, the Padparadascha, which is perhaps the most prized of the non blue, or ‘fancy’ sapphires, it is pink and orange.  The Padparadascha takes its name from the lotus flower.  These stones are rare, and have a distinct even arrangement of the pink and orange colors throughout.

Gem experts suggest that a high quality Padparadascha should be untreated and eye clean (meaning there should be no inclusions visible to the naked eye and the color should be natural and not treated to enhance hue or depth of color).  It should also have a blend of pink and orange, and will be best cut as a round stone.  They should originate from Ceylon, but some lesser quality stones have also been found in Vietnam, Africa and even Australia.

Birthstone, History and Lore

Sapphires are the birthstone for September, they also symbolise truth, sincerity, romance and faithfulness.  We most often think of sapphires as a blue stone, in folklore, blue is associated with feelings of harmony, sympathy, friendship and loyalty, however not all sapphires are blue. They come in a variety of different colors, green, orange, yellow, and pink which is also a popular choice.


Oval Sapphire and Diamond Border Ring in 14k White Gold,
similar look to Princess Diana’s / Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

14K Pink Gold Birthstone Jewelry Flower Pendant with Sapphire
Charming as a stackable pendant or as a birthstone charm to stack with your current bead bracelet collection! It fits with most necklace and bracelet chains. This 14 karat gold eternity charm pendant has beaded flowers all-around the pendant wheel, each with genuine Sapphire birthstone center.

Pink Sapphire Gypsy Band

Charm & Chain Designer Jewelry
Specific Gravity


Refractive Values

1.76 – 1.77

birefringence (doubly refractive gems only)




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